Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Installation, Service & Parts

Dawson Dodd is THE ONLY certified Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Diamond Contractor and Mitsubishi City Multi Diamond Designer in the Saint Louis area. The Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating systems are superior to most domestic systems and are tested before they leave Japan. In spaces where other heating and cooling systems fall short, Mitsubishi can deliver low-cost, energy efficient service that maximizes a homeowner’s control and comfort.

Mitsubishi heat pumps do not use electric heat. They use the heat that is already in the air, even when the outside temperature is near zero. Inverted Compressor Technology maximizes energy savings by making sure only the energy needed to cool or heat an area is used. They also use R-410A, an environment friendly refrigerant and a high percentage is recyclable.

Higher efficiency helps your wallet and the environment

  • Customer-reported savings from $300 with a normal system to $75 with Mitsubishi
  • Investment pays for itself in energy savings
  • 7 year warranty on all parts and compressors

System adjusts on a room-by-room basis

  • Temperature control in individual rooms for comfort where you need it most
  • Turn unused spaces like garages and attics into livable areas
  • Wall-mounted, floor-mounted or ducted units available

Superior technology means superior performance

  • INVERTER-driven compressor varies compression speeds based on need
  • i-see Sensor automatically adjusts for temperatures near the ceiling or floor
  • H2i technology heats even when outdoor temperatures fall well below zero
  • Hot Start technology delivers instant heating

Easy to install, easy to own

  • Installs in about a day with no ductwork or mess
  • Some outdoor units can handle up to eight indoor units
  • Washable long-life filters improve air quality and save money