Unico System Dealer and Unico Parts & Service

Dawson Dodd is a certified installer of the Unico System, a state-of-the-art approach to mini-duct central heating and air conditioning for your home. The Unico System is especially suited for older homes, so if you've got one of the St. Louis area's historic properties, the Unico System can offer an ideal solution for your heating and cooling needs. But Unico's flexible mini-ducts make the system ideal for homes of all sizes, designs and ages. This minimizes installation time and results in less mess and disruption to your home or business during the installation process.

Because the chiller is a closed loop system, it uses about 20 percent less Freon than a conventional system. The Unichiller was also used at Cornell University to cool a solar home.

A perfect choice for older or historic homes

  • Flexible-mini ducts eliminate need for costly and messy renovation
  • Featured in ten projects on television’s “This Old House”
  • Small outlets and subtle appearance mesh with existing architecture
  • Partnered with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to keep beauty intact

New technology delivers superior comfort

  • Unique cooling method removes an additional 30% humidity over other systems
  • Uses a hot water or true-hot-air pump coil to deliver more comfortable air in winter
  • System is completely sealed to keep your house fresh and clean
  • Sound-dampening air handler and supply tubing ensure a quiet home

Flexibility to perform in any space

  • “Aspiration” system warms and cools even large spaces evenly
  • Never more than a 2-degree temperature variation from floor to ceiling
  • Can be installed as a primary system or a complement to existing radiant system